Dub FX as Benjamin Stanford is a most talented Live Performer. He is known for performing for pedestrians on the street in lots of countriesaround Europe. Flower Fairy is accompanying him during his shows. She is his partner and also a singer.Read the interview below about their passion, love, song’s and travelling.



This is your fourth time in Poland. How do youlike it here?


Dub FX: It’s good, really good. Poland is a very nice country. I enjoy coming here.

What about you?

Flower Fairy: Everything is fine. We have full shows, and a good response so yes, we’re happy. And what is more we always get a warm welcome every time we visit Poland. It’s nice.


In one of your song’s “Love Someone” you’re saying that it’s possible to change this world. Do you think that is possible?

Dub FX: Well, anything is possible but it’s only possible if everyone agrees on the same thing. That is quite unlikely but it’s still possible. this is only my opinion, I might be wrong.


The lyrics in your songs have lots of messages to people. What do you want to tell them?

Dub FX: To be honest. It’s not only the message it’s much more personal, the songs are more personal, it’s not really about changing the world, even though I say that in the song, it’s more about…

Flower Fairy: It’s more about your own journey

Dub FX:  Yes, it’s about my own journey… you know

Flower Fairy:  He believes…

Dub FX: Yes, I believe in my own ideas, where I am in my life, and where I would like to be. I don’t necessarily send any messages or anything like that; it’s more just about my own personal ideas.


Is there is a big difference for you between playing on the streets and in the clubs?

Dub FX: Each of them has something special. Each of them is unique. I’m blessed to be able to do all the three. Festivals are great because lots of our audience are taking part. Singing in clubs is really exciting as well because firstly it’s intimate with the crowd and secondly we are very close to our fans. The spreading sound is generally stronger for us. For sure the atmosphere in clubs is better for that kind of music. And our performance on the street is extremely different. Some people know us, but some of them are casual onlookers. It has it’s own sound system.


Is it better?

Dub FX: It’s better in some ways but not in others. The sound is not good on the street. There is a small sound system. As I said earlier it’s more casual people who are walking past. However they stop to listening to us. It’s not like people there really known me and know all the words, but I try to sell them my music.

Flower Fairy: Wherever we are, people want to hear our songs. On the street we can freestyle more, we have more fun with the crowd. We also have lots of fun when we are on the stage. But when we gig on the street we let ourselves do things, which we wouldn’t normally do on the stage.

Dub FX: Exactly! and there are some things we are not allowed to do on the street but can do during shows in clubs. It’s goes both ways, you know what I mean…


I’m curious about the reaction of the people watching you during your gigs on the street?

Dub FX: In the club, we know what to expect because people know the lyrics people sing along with us. That’s emotional I feel I perform with the crowd. On the street we can get more practice… you know. Flower Fairy and we can improve ourselves during our shows on the street then if they like it they buy our CD’s. To sum it up we get paid to practise. It’s good


Do you prepare conscientiously, I mean do you choose the songs and whatever before your shows or are you more spontaneous?

Flower Fairy: We do both. Sometimes we decide on the opening song and on the final song. Sometimes we prepare our songs because we know what people want to hear and the other time we don’t plan anything. So we don’t concentrate on the first song and the last one, we just let the show go on. Generally we do less preparing I suppose than more preparing.


What is your inspiration to do this kind of music?

Dub FX: life in general…it’s not real the inspiration. We’re listening to so much music, we’re listening to drum and bass, we’re listening to jungle, we’re listening to dubstep, pop, jazz, funk, reggae you know everything.

Flower Fairy: Christian rock.

Dub FX: (laugh) No!!! Whatever we’re listening to inspires us to make a music. That’s our inspiration.


Do you remember where and when did you first meet?

Dub FX and Flower: in Manchester (laugh)


Most of yours fans know your love story. But tell me how did the two of you get together?

Flower Fairy: I actually meet him on the street. He was doing his music, I didn’t speak with to him I just saw him, but the next time I went to a party and he was playing there. Also he lived with my sister, so every time I visited my sister I visited him. We just started to spend more time together. And one day I joined to his company.

Dub FX: But she wasn’t singing at the beginning. She was only selling my CD’s. We were having fun together. It was about a year and half later that she started singing.


Do you think the Internet is a good way to promote your music.

Dub FX: well. A lot of the promotion that we’ve done has isbeen on the street.

We have sold about 20 thousand of CDs on the streets before any you tube’s videos came out. We were already promoting ourselves on the street. All the Internet has done for us is introduce us to country’s we haven’t been to. We had never been to Poland, Ukraine or Russia….

The Internet is extremely good but I always say the street performance is I the key.


What do you think of the music market in the UK dose it help to promote you’re kind of music?

Dub FX: It’s importantto promote new music in England coming up with new ideas, pushing new ideas. In England there are a lot of people who are really interested in music, so for this reason it’s extreme good. We can live off music in England if you want to. We’ve been to a lot of countries and the answer tothe question is – yes England is very good for our kind of music.  But I think if you are clever you can make money however you want in any country.


Is it difficult to make your music?

Dub FX: noo!


How was your beginning of beatbox?

Dub FX: Well for me is very easy to do it. I say it all the time I’m not very good in Beatbox. It’s like going to the GYM; anybody can be strong if you do it all the time. After 4-5 years going to the Gym, pumping your body, you’re big and it’s the same with Music, singing, beatboxing it’s all the same, if you work hard you’re good. It’s simple


What will we hear during your concerts?

Dub FX: We’re playing the song’s that people want to hear.


So probably “Flow”, “Love Someone”.

Dub FX: yeah!! And “ Soothe your pain”, “Made”, “Rude” and a few songs of Flower’s album. We have never use a sell list

Flower Fairy: we’ve done it once or twice

Dub FX: yes. If we do a sell list we write all the songs what we know and that’s it’s about 30songs and we think –Ok which one we choose.


Thank you very much

Dub FX and Flower Fairy: Thank you!