Gummi Hz is Alexander Tsotsos, Greek Hero of techno and house music, for four years he has produced lots of tracks for Mobilee Records. In his repertoire he has lots of good tracks like ‘Under the Sun’  (I can’t deny that this is one of my favorites) or ‘The first time’ and many more.

Gummi Hz is a DJ and producer and also owner of his new label. Last year he established his label Claap.


A very friendly, and humors guy Alex shares his passion for music with Kluboterapia’s team.

Hello Alex, nice to meet you.


GummiHz: Hello, nice to meet you as well.


I have prepared some question for you…

GummiHz: Go for it.


Firstly, during your gig I heard your remix of Ricardo Villalobos – Easy Lee and I really enjoyed it.

GummiHz: Oh, you liked it. I haven’t played it for a long time. (Laugh)


You come from Greece, so how has the music from your country influence to your electronic music?

GummiHz: Basically in Greece during the nineties we had a lots clubs that played mostly house music. This genre is playing for years. So at the age of 16 I was going to the clubs and this had a big influence on my music. That 90’s music was my inspiration. I hope you find a little bit of that influence in my sets. When you’re listening to my set it should take you back to the 90’s. I hope.


Did you start your career with electronic music in Greece?

GummiHz: Basically it’s a long way back now. I don’t want to say that I’m an old guy (laugh) When I was younger I performed with my band. As a 14-year-old boy I played rock. A year after that I had my first gig during a holiday I was a DJ in a beach bar I had to replace someone for a day, I got totally addicted to time table. So it was a turning point in my life. I decided to stop with the metal and rock music and my band and all that. That’s why electronic music instantly became my passion. 


Berlin isthe most important city Europe in for the development of electronic music, did thatencourage you to live there?

GummiHz: Firstly, I moved to England where I spent 10 years of my life. It was very

exciting. I got lots of experience as a DJ and party organizer. In the nineties, there was an explosion of electronic music, like drum and bass, hip-hop, UK garage and all that. I think it was a good place to be.


Lots of people know you as the Mobilee’s guy who has recorded tracks for Anja Schneider. You also did a remix for her as well, didn’t you?

GummiHz: Yes, 4 years ago I did a remix, but let me say in response I loved working with the Mobilee Label. I also worked with the Real Tone Label, a French label, they do house music, and they are working with people like Master at Work. What is more important I’ve also started working on my new Label – Claap I’m super exciting about this.



That’s right. Is it your own project or do you work with anyone now?

GummiHZ: I’m working totally on my own now. I must say, I used to like working with people but I think this is the moment to try to do something on my own. You know, you’ve got lots of experience and you think that it’s time to do something for yourself.


So you’ve got lots of promotion work…

GummiHz: I have busy plans for next months, I’m going to start touring in Greece, England Germany of course, both America, Asia.


So have you stopped working with Mobilee Records?

GummiHz : No, I haven’t stopped working with anyone. I still love the Mobilee’s guys and we’re still working on something together but now I’m concentrating on my label.


Your new album (for those people who don’t know about it yet), tell us what will we find on it?

GummiHz : Fantastic dance and techno music. This is the music I most enjoy. If I make you dance I am a happy guy.


Yes Alex, definitely your music makes me want to dance. And you also dance on stage as well. 

GummiHz: ohh yes. I have good fun on stage. During my gigs I like watching people as long as you create a nice atmosphere for people. I must say I am infectious of vibes too. I’ve been in clubs where I have to played only house music, I’ve been in a clubs where I played only techno or mixing. I don’t have a strict policy as long as you dance on the dance floor.


I have observed your performance and it’s nice to see when artist is playing with the people.

GummiHz: Yes, I like heating an atmosphere up,but sometimes I must say usually when I play I don’t know how I’ve got the soundbar. What I said before is if you not dancing it means that it’snot a good party. I am glad when I see that a lot of girls are responding to ministry of techno and house.


So the best thing is to mix up all kind of the music?

Gummihz: Yes, exactly, I think you’ve got it.


When I listening to yours productions and sets, I suppose that you don’t concentrate on the one style of music ?

GummiHz: Exactly, I don’t like tostickwith one style, I like to mix techno, dance and house up.


And now a very quick question…do you know any polish DJ’s?

GummiHz: That’svery easy…of course, Marcin Czubala. He’s my Mobilee’s friend. I really like his musicand also I think he is a very good DJ. I have visited Poland a little, I’ve been to Poznan, Krakow, and to Warsaw. I really like to be in here.


When people go to listen to you can they expect some new stuff?

GummiHz: I’ve played a couple things from the album I released. AndI’m definitely using stuff from my new Claap’s productions. I tell you I’m very happy when everybody is dancing and this is why I make music. It doesn’t matter if it’s new or old, trendy or not as long as people are dancing.


Thank you for interview.

GummiHz: A great pleasure.