Magda, her real name is Magda Chojnacka, she’s a dj, producer, one of the member of the Minimal Records and our countrywoman who knows every fan of electronic music. First of all she’s a very modest, smiling and really nice girl from Zywiec.

Her minimal sound “infects” public so that it’s hard to walk across in a full dance floor.  She appears at good clubs and the best events in the world. With all hustle and bustle preparing , Magda finds the time to share with us interesting observations and reveal details of her new album. More you can find in the interview below.  Enjoy reading!

Hello Magda. Finally it’s nice to see you in Poland.

Magda: Hello. I’m glad to be here.

Your new album is coming up soon. Please, reveal more details of your new production?

Magda : Promoting has already started and I won’t be sleeping too much at the end of the year. My new album appears on 25th of September. So, there’s the last moment to finish everything up.

You have worked on it for a long time…

Magda: Yes, it was a hard work and long time.. but fortunately I can breathe a sigh of relief.

Let us to resolve all doubts for all unbeliever. I ask the tendentious question. Are you Polish?

Magda: Of course, I am. I’m very Polish. I was born in Zywiec. I left I was nine. I lived in Texas for a couple of years, then moved to Detroit where I grew up. I have lived in Germany for six years. Now I’m here, again.

What was the first feeling before the second gig in front of  the Polish audience and the first time on the Audioriver Festival?

Magda: I was nervous, I was in stress a bit. But I was very exciting, because I really wonna to play there for a long time and it’s never worked out. I played last year ones in Poznan where it was really, really great! Very kind people, nice experience.. so but I’ve never played anything bigger

I was really looking forward. You know… it’s a big thing to play after Plastikman and before Anthony Rother. I was in betweens, so I was curious about the audience’s reaction. I hope people liked it.

Could you promise that you will be visiting us more often?

Magda: Oh My God! That’s the plan I really wonna to play here. I hope for that.

You’re only the one woman in Minus Records. How it is being surrounded all men at the label?

Magda: …interesting! it’s ok! But I’m not only the one. There are other girls around to keep the balance at the office . Actually it’s funny because at the booking agency in the office there are mostly girls. It’s a nice balance between the women and all men. Sometimes travelling with other boys it’s like having nine brothers.

I could have that brother as well. Tell us, how it happened that Richie Hawtin noticed you and  offered you a cooperation

Magda: That’s a good question.. well.. I don’t know how it just happened, really. We’re Richie’s friends. He heard me once or twice maybe. And then he offered me a little night, very small – 70 people maximum.

How had looked your beginnings  before you have met Richie Hawtin?

Magda: When I moved to Detroit I heard lots of different styles from the house, from electro to techno. But it all has the Detroit’s sound. That’s kind of I’ve being playing. I was fascinated of Detroit’s sound and I’ve stared my electronic adventure.

Do you know that most of people call you Princess of Minimal?

Magda: ohhhh! Nooo! Why?

I’ve been granted but it’s not true

But you’re the only of Polish artist, who are playing minimal and knows you all over the world.

Magda: I wonder then if my new album are minimal or not. I’m couriers…

And I wonder at least, if it is difficult to make an electronic career for a woman – dj and producer, when all dj’s are men?

Magda: I think in the  past it was much more difficult, because no one treats the woman seriously. At the same time lots of women separate themselves also and started doing own things not with the guys…also lots of men were booking woman just because maybe they look good or whatever. It’s a change now.

Your carrier began from the label, which you established with 3 other girls. Is it right?

Magda: Actually, It wasn’t a label it was a team. We also did that.  We had some parties, by the way we kind of separately ourselves for the man which was good for us. I think everyone has the same chance doesn’t matter no one looks at you as much. Everyone has the same chance to reach the end of the road.

Last year we could hear your compilation for Fabric. What was the idea to make this album? Some of the soundtrack of horror films was used there.

Magda: Yeah! The sound is like kind in between different styles. There are some tracks of Goblin’s band on this album . I just really like the spooky, dark and disco sound. I really love it! I’ve just wanna to go in direction so I’ve been kind following that. Also my album will be like that.

Let’s go back in our mind and talk about the LoveFamilyPark!

Magda : ohh yessss!!

Tell us, have you got more situations like the last one, where the polish group of people was holding for you a polish flag??

Magda: oh!It’s so funny, It happens all the time. One time I was playing in Spain and there were some of polish flags, of course …. It’s great to see that. The funny thing is they can bring polish objects like money, cards and others things. It’s amazing!

We can here you on the really good festivals. Do you prefer playing in a small clubs or on the big events?

Magda: definitely, I prefer small, dark clubs with good sound lots of base. Robert Johnson in Frankfurt, the Loft Club in Mannheim. All over actually.

Do you know any polish dj’s I mean a woman who is good and is a good way to make an electronic career on abroad?

Magda: To be honest I don’t know. I’d love to meet. I just know the mobile guys Marcin Czubala or Jacek Sienkiewicz. I don’t really know any woman…ohh .. wait! Margaret Dygas! She is my friend from Berlin! She’s great! She’s really good!

 Thanks for the interview.

Magda: Thanks.