Rodriguez Jr., the real name is Olivier Mateu is one of the member of the best known label in the world – Mobilee Records.  His Live’s has engraved in all memory forever. His music sends shivers down your spine. Furthermore Rodriguez Jr.  is a producer of the extraordinary tracks likeSoledad,

Pandora, Pina Colada, Kids of Hula and marvelous remix of Enola – Words in a bottle.

About his passion to music we have chance to talk about it…


Hi Olivier is nice to welcome you the second time in Poland.


Rodriguez Jr. : Thank you, yes I am looking forward for tonight. I am a bit exciting.


Before your collaboration with Mobilee Records, you were a one half of French electro act – The Youngsters. Do you still think about producing a material for it?


Rodriguez Jr. : For now it is on a standby, because my project Rodriguez Jr. is time consuming so I need a lot of time to work on it. We also have geographical issues because my partner – The Youngsters was a band – is still in the south of France and I live in Brussels so it is very difficult to work together. But it has been a great experience and maybe we will produce together again in the future. It was more techno indeed like you said because I don’t know maybe we were younger  (laugh) and when you were young you liked every stuff, every music..


Rodriguez Jr. : I remember the track “Mellotron”. And what is more The Youngsters’s stuff was signed-up with the Laurent Garnier’s label – F-Communication…so I guess Laurent Garnier was the first artists who had inspired you…


Yes, Laurent Garnier was my inspiration. But the first source of inspiration was the techno from Detroit as Kevin Sounderson, Derrick May so it was a kind of techno but with very melodic background, synthetic, and Laurent Garnier was a kind of mentor because in France he was like the ambassador this sort of music. It was a great chance to meet him and signed on his label.


Rodriguez Jr. : Did the The Youngster project the first adventure with electronic music?


It was my sale use experience. Before it was an experiment in my bedroom with synthesizers and tried to produce music. But it was my first try. The youngsters were my the first sale use projects


Rodriguez Jr. : How did it happen that you started to work with Mobilee Records?


The story with Mobilee is actually full of friendships Anja, Ralf and myself. We met eight years ago. Anja was already run in with Radio Show in Berlin which is called “The dance under Blue Moon”, and there I did some promotion for another project higher before.  After all we always kept in touch, we felt well connective all together. And then I start my new, solo project – Rodriguez Jr.  It was a great opportunity to send them a couple of tracks. They supporting me so that’s start my job with Mobilee Records which lasts till now


Rodriguez Jr. : What’s the difference between Rodriguez Jr and the guy from the Youngsters?


It’s difficult to explain using words…as Rodriguez Jr. I wanted to do something more personal.. more emotion maybe, I don’t know..why, maybe I am getting older (laugh) because of my personal life I have different thinks to express, but I wanted something more organic, more sexy more house.


Rodriguez Jr. : It is unique to play the piano in electronic music…anyway sounds great in your track!


I love the piano , it’s a great instrument because it is able to express some very powerful feelings and the same time the sound is very original ( Kasiu czy może znasz c o mogłoby pasować do tego zdania? Nie mogę zrozumieć artysty ale mówi coś w tym stylu). I mean the spectrum of felling you can express the piano is very white so I love it (bez skazy)( tego nie rozumie, ale moze tak sie mowi). I had piano lessons from six to eleven …


Rodriguez Jr. : So it is still in your heart…


Yes, it is still in my heart, I am not able to play classical music I wish but I can’t. but I still use the skills you know when I write the melody. That skills are useful for me.


Rodriguez Jr. : We haven’t much occasion to hear you in dj set. Playing Live expressing  yourself more?


Basically I feel more comfortable with it because it’s my own background. First I am a musician and then I became a dj but it is easier for me to play LIVE actually. That’s exciting another way to play my own music to people and try to share it. It is a bit of egocentrism ( laugh) but I like it.


Rodriguez Jr. : Your  debut album Bittersweet is available now so how long did you spend on preparing all material?


I spent more than one year , nearly one year and a half. It has been a long process because I wanted to use a lot of different kinds of music…of  genres and mix everything in one album. It is a difficult to find a good balance between ingredients so I experiment a lot.


Rodriguez Jr. : How can you describe your new album?


I wanted to extend my sound on something more weirder and more complete. This is why I began work on it. The inspiration was my usual influences techno from Detroit, house from Chicago  and pop music and a lot of different things actually.


Rodriguez Jr. : So .. you’re the next stop tour promoting your new album Bittersweet is..


In front of me is Coln, Moscow, London, I focus on Europe till December promoting my new album around Europe but after it the South America, Asia,


Rodriguez Jr. : Have you got any plans for the next album?


Yes, sure, producing music is big diaeresis ( nie mogę znaleźć odpowiednika do tego słowa, nic mi nie pasuje ale brzmi podobnie jak dises)so even you finish your project you are already thinking about the next one so yeah I think it will come quicker. Because now I know I have better knowledge of music life.


Rodriguez Jr. : Have you got any tracks from the new album which is close to your heart?


WOW… that’s difficult to answer to this question. Maybe the last one which is called “Bare” it is very influenced by the dup step( nie znam takiego słowa, kompletnie nie wiem jak to ugryźć) sin, sounds like the Burial stuff.


Rodriguez Jr. : Yes, but it is not only one of the all tracks which is completely different to the others. Because the dub sounds is “ The Ubiquitous Dr Pook”


“The Ubiquitous Dr Pook” that’s something I wanted to bring inside. I love the music, dub step the music like Basic Chanel and this kinds of thinks makes me crazy.