Georgia Angiuli and Piero Fragola are an Electronic Duo from Italy who perform under the stage name of ‘We Love ’.  They Work for Bpitch Control under the wings of the Ellen Allien’s label – Bpitch Control.All there shows are full of love and charm their music is pure acoustic and electronic sound. 


It’s not only there music that projects there style and image, the visual impact of there stage set is fantastic, and helps to make us an unforgettable experience. They project a very visual display of art, fashion and design. People are singing along to their music and at the end of their gigs the applause have no end. With the lovely Georgia with her heart shaped guitar, and the good-looking Piero. I was fortunate enough to be able to ask them a few questions, enjoy the interview.

1. Hello’ We Love’. It’s such a pleasure to welcome you to Poland especially after your amazing gig in Audioriver. Your next shows were in Poznan and Wroclaw. So as you have been traveling around the world? How do Polish audiences compare to the rest of the world?

We spent in Poland just few days so we can’t talk a lot about the landscapes but we can talk a lot about people. It was amazing to play  in Poland because we felt something magic, full of warm energies. We could say that is the best audience we have ever found! 3 adjectives to describe polish audience and promoters:  sweet, warm, respectful.

2. As far I know both of you had different occupations, so how did you get together and create ‘We Love’?

We met each other 3 years ago in the south of Italy; there was a multimedia festival : Piero was the vj resident of the festival and Giorgia was performing there with her musical project Metùo. We started to talk and we discovered many similar passions and tastes, we lived both in Florence so it was easy to meet again and, without a real plan, we started a dip in creative affairs.

3. Lots of artists at first send their production to labels which they want to work with. Did you send your music to Ellen Allien or did she discover you?

Our friend Elliott Feel Booking,  listened our first tracks and saw our visuals and he believed in our energies, so he decided to send the works to Ellen Allien. It was amazing because after a few days we received a nice mail from Ellen and we fixed a date in Berlin. Bpitch Control was first of all our favorite label, but it also represented for us the transformation of dreams into aims.

4.  What inspires your work? And do you both get inspiration from the same things?

We have different ages, different life but our point in common is the curiosity and the desire to discover always new things without strategies. We believe in coincidences, patience and wonder.


5. I had Goosebumps all over my body when I listened to your live music. Your show is full of emotion. And also full of equipment..some of which I have never seen before, especially the lamp, which lights in dark, and gave off sound when Piero pressed on it. Is it a piece of equipment that is unique to you?

We think that the live set has to be a multisensory experience; our dream is to make events in theatre too one day. We used to play with instruments created just for us but the piece you’re talking about is called ribbon and it is a midi controller … but  it originally is without light, we put a light to increase the effect.

6. I noticed you change your style from time to time on stage? Is there a reason why you change your style from time to time on stage? By the way I love your guitar Georgia!

 We are like seasons so the color of our leaves changes 🙂 We think it’s boring to play always in the same way so we like to change clothes, make up, songs, visuals. About my guitar, i love it…maybe i won’t change it 🙂

7. Well, you are professional with lots of equipments, costumes, make up, designer things…it has to take you lot of time to prepare everything before your show?

 We know that our live set is a little bit complicated, because it’s an audio-video show and we don’t use just laptop, we play many instruments (guitar,keyboard,theremin,voice). It depends on the club but usually we need 2 or 3 hours to arrange everything.

8. In the last year you have released a debut album “ We Love”, EP “Underwater/Hide Me”, and the next one “Timeless” are there any new productions coming up in the near future?

Yeah!! New productions are coming soon… surprise!!! We can only say that our style will be a little bit different, new harmony new sounds.

9. Could you tell me the story of how your act originated and how you came to project yourselves in the way that you do?

Our show is a project involving many different means of expression, such as music, video, fashion and design. Even before creating We Love, we were already fond of arts and this project was a unique chance to create a new language mixing our previous experiences in coherent way. 

10. Do you prepare your track list before your show or are you just being spontaneous by observing the crowd?

We have a track list that we often change; it’s an audio-video live so it’s better for us to follow a track list. Nevertheless, the crowd makes differences in the show; for us it’s very important to catch energies from people and of course with our live equipment we are absolutely spontaneous.

11. You’re absolutely fantastic,  you make a fabulous duo. Can you imagine yourself in DJ set playing B2B?

Dj set? why not but not now; in this moment we feel more like a band and we prefer to be concentrated to produce and play our tracks.

To end I can add that your music is unique what confirms that is the hundreds of fans who flock into your gigs, singing songs with you, …lots of them know them by heart…

Thank you for your time and there is nothing else to say hopefully see you soon in Poland!