You have to believe that the sprit of Berlin can appear everywhere a Watergate party happens! Even in London a typical underground event vibrates with sounds that come from over the river in the techno capital of Germany.


Last Saturday everybody was convinced that Berlin had arrived in London, and Junk Departments did a brilliant job of sharing with all who attended. The atmosphere was full of awesome music.

The industrial style of the venue was very impressive, giving you the feeling you were at a concert. At first I was annoyed at the sight of such a large queue outside the warehouse, but soon realized that even in the line everyone was gearing up for the night ahead, stamping there feet to the sound of bass coming out of the club.

The stripped-down, urban area fitted the venue perfectly, it’s the kind of underground style, which is most  popular in my opinion. There was a big changing room inside, two dance floors one of which one belonged to Watergate, and the second was where most of the top London artists perform. There was a special smoking area allowing the no-smokings to dance on the dance floor without the smell of cigarettes. The whole place was massive well able to hold the amount of people who turned up to celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Wategrate Club in London.

Anyone who has ever been to a Watergate Club will remember it from the very recognizable lighting. The LED’s were flashing all night helping to create the mood, after the event I still experienced the flashing of the lights and the beat of the pumping sound.

With his great beat I welcomed Lee Jones. He definitely pulled everybody’s heart strings! The dance floor was packed, and to get to the front was a bit difficult. The set was full of raw sounds which keep the crowd in high spirit! The rumbling bass line deafened everybody when Lee Jones was cranking up the volume with the insane vibes he created! Heavy bass gripped the crowd completely. He made the crowd dance and this was received with enthusiastic approval.

Marco Resmann took the decks straight after Lee Jones. The crowd was well enough warmed up to put in a trance. His music came to me in a waves. Loads of groove music resounded around the club. He definitely heated up the temperature up.

Ellen Alien as another headliner who party played a funky set, full of bumping, analogue house. Her set was a real treat, loads of softened and reverberating bass. Ellen pushed a unique blend of upbeat deep house and eclectic techno. the music was alluring with enormous amounts of bass.

Finally the Pan-Pot blew everybody away and showed the darker side of their tastes. The bass bombarding everyones ears. The distinctive style of fade in and out prompted an outstanding atmosphere. They absolutely dressed to kill. The crowd let out an enormous whistle, shouting, jumping, waving arms and stamping there feet…I couldn’t believe how the weird vibes on the dance floor took over. Their set kept the crowd committed from start to finish—with arms up in unison. It was  real madness none stop dancing, no one stopped to take a breath they all kept rocking until the end of the party. Pan-Pot’s energy seemed to emanate directly into the bodies of revelers.


It’s difficult to express my feelings in words, words don’t describe my emotion. I was amazed to find another place in the world where the vibes can be similar to Berlin. And even I as a person who heart belongs to Berlin I have to admit that Junk Department, is a great location and Warehouse by far exceeded my expectations. Thank you Watergate, thank you Junk Department for an amazing party!