Nice things always has fast ending. For 5 days we were witnesses of all events dedicated to the best music sounds. Exhibitions,  fashion bazaar, panel discussion, meeting with people from booking agency  and finally parties in most of clubs was taken place in one of the most incredible and artistic place in the world – Berlin.

The 5th of November was the special date for everybody because completions of all these days was a event  – Fly BerMuDa at the Tempelhof Airport. This year for all funs of electronic music was full in challenges in all programs. Firstly except two huge hangars was a smaller beatport stages and also a giant food area with full of place to sit.

This year the Line Up temped even the most choosy funs of techno sounds. From the beginnings of Fly Bermuda the best known name of artists was warming up everyone who arrived to the Airport Tempelhof. Sebo K, Moonbotica and Lexy & K.Paul Live performed with gusto and warmed the crowd up well in Hangar one. At Hangar two at the same time another big artists like Marco Resmann, Koletzki and Fran and Tiefschwarz was reigned on the stage and they gripped the audience.

Beatport stages was opened from 10pm and J.Philip gave every Fly Bermuda’s fun a warm welcome with a good sounds of electronic music.  George Fitzgerald was the next performer after a nice girl from Pets Recording.

Till midnight the whole space was full off happy people. At first sight on Line Up in Hangar One techno beat was dominated the most but to the later hours in hangars two harder sounds was spreading for all space. Let’s back to the biggest hangar…Unfortunately I missed the James Holden’s gig. But as my friends said it was a amazing dj set and it seemed like the theatre with techno sounds.

Straight after James the brother of Paul Kalkbrenner – Fritz played an gorgeous LIVE. He got the party going with their energetic and fun take on madness dance. His performance truly moved the audience and to rapturous applause. Probably that’s why, Sven Vath took the stage straight after Fritz. And the show had just already begun.

I am looking back throw my memory and whenever papa Sven appearances always is creating an up-roar on the dancefloor. Anyway he is still on the top, a huge figure of techno stage Sven Väth only he knows how the hangar have to bursting at the seams. People went totally crazy listening to Anthony Collins – Don’t Look Down Now (Roman Flügel remix ). Sven served a diverse kind of electronic music, sometimes you just slow down and after he got really techy and pounding. All hands was in the air during track Osunlade – Envision (Âme remix).  In every Vath’s tune everybody was stomping, jumping and nodding their heads to the beat.

In spite of  it was nice to listened to boss of Cocoon and having a chat with French friends I swept the floor to catch some vibes from Ellen Allien music who surprised me a lot. She was absolutely perfect and her music was wicked, she created an extraordinary atmosphere and on the dancefloor which seemed as a real madness. She was the best in all gig’s I have heard of her. It is nothing to reproach for her stylish, loads of techno and hard beats caused that you couldn’t stop dancing.

M.A.N.D.Y were the next kings of the hangars two. They measured up to everyone’s expectations. I’ve just dance a bit a rapidly change the stage to beatport’s because from 4 o clock AME played there. Every time the music of French guy is very catchy but that was the time that I had to run between the hangars to catch all the best moments during the festivals.

I have taken part in shows of Plastikman a few times but still was courios a bit how it would be this time. As always an identification mark of his performance was a huge cage situated centrally on the stage.  I can’t explain why but that gig I liked the most from all I heard to and saw to. Maybe that’s why it was more techno sounds  and even I wanted back to AME’s sets,  Plastikman’s show paid my all attention and resolved any doubts to changed a dancefloor. So I kept watching  with carefully what would happened with sounds and visuals. But comparing to the others Plastikman’s shows not everybody understand this kind of performance but fortunately it was glad to see that most of attendees was taken with his multimedia experiences and the cheers was resounding after every track, just for give him a respect of his awesome work! I admitted I was standing with the open mouth and definitely experienced something a new point of view of Plastikman’s show. The on-screen visuals was the best I have ever seen. Masterpiece!

I also enjoyed during Magda’s gig! Behind her it was a big logo of her new label Items&Things. She rocked the crowd with her hit tunes and remixes. It was a very energetic and powerful  set in my opinion she change a bit her music style with more rousing sounds.

And on the end Tale of Us on the Beatport stage where the space was more intimate climate seemed not as the festival but like the club. Lots of people inside, but there you didn’t feel festival atmosphere which was perfect so it gave an impression separate party.  Magnificent music was the best ending of that great night! Anyway this stage was for everyone who wanted to rest of the crowed. Unforgettable time with lots of ravishing tracks and special the one which I loved so much Trickski Feat. Ernesto – Good Time To Pray (Axel Boman Remix). It was good time to close the eyes end let fly with music. No words need it – Tale of Us rocks! I was compel by them sounds maybe that’s why I was listened them to the first time. There was loads deep sounds, it was a great preparing before started another day with positive vibes in Watergate’s after party.

Thanks to organizers and all people supporting that festival and causing that Fly BerMuDa is a special venue and gives more emotions every year and first of all thanks to everybody who joined that night to sharing the best vibes with Berlin and the rest of world. See you all next year!

BerMuDa was planning a long time ago. It was the next techno trip which we can put the tick in our calendar. 6 of the November Berlin Music Days had them final at the airport Tempelhof. It was one big hangar shared on two biggger levels and the smaller ones reserved for the wild party – Zoo Project.