In full beautiful sunshine, in one of the most fantastic cites in Europe, at the best party Off Sonar, ‘and’ on the most famous rooftop in Barcelona, Guess what I’m thinking about…. Friday and Saturday, when Mobilee’s guys gathered with a whole lot of happy friends at the Silken Diagonal Hotel.

The hotel was an awesome place to stay and have fun. It was absolutely perfect for a summer party with Mobilee’s music.

In the centre of the roof is the famous rooftop swimming pool where last year dOP sang, “ You’ll be my girl” to the pretty young lady. In reality the swimming pool seemed a bit smaller that in all the videos and photos I had seen from previous years.

But who cares it was perfect for a big dose of electronic music; it was just what everyone needs these days.

It was actually my first time at a Mobilee’s party at the Diagonal Hotel; I had seen it so often on You Tube that I had a feeling of Déjà vu.

It was a perfect opportunity to sit and put your feet in the swimming pool and listen to the wonderful Moblee’s music. What’s more the hotel staff gave everyone a cold perfumed towel, it was such a good idea to refresh your face and body during the hot weather.

To joiner the party wasn’t easy. Besides the cost of the hotel room there was also a charge of 20 Euros to get into the party, I assume this was cheap compared to other parties!

All the people who wanted to take part in the event had to get in there early because the crowd increased by the minute, later there was no room for anyone who arrived late at the hotel.

From the rooftop of this marvellous building was a gorgeous panoramic view of Barcelona the Hotel stands right next to the beautiful Torre Agbar Tower.

If you brought a drink you were served in something resembling a bucket, I’m serious! And the barman certainly knew how to measure Vodka. The combination of the long strong cold drinks, the fantastic music, and people, made it an unearthly atmosphere.

The first day Friday.

Ralf Kollmann opened the party. He played excellent sounds of tech house, it was a good introduction; he played full and uplifting rhythmic tunes for the rest of the day, I was in seventh heaven leistering to Nina Kraviz “Okains Scream” (Sebo K Remix) and Steffi “Yours”.

Nice House Music like Jamie Jones “Ruckus” spreading the space around, giving a good selection of music. The event started at about 14:00 most people were already there, more came up later. It looked like everyone knew each other, and the rooftop seemed like a big meeting of Moblee’s Friends and family.

The special guests who performed straight after Ralf was Miss Kittin She came as a big surprise for everyone. She played a very full pumping bass mix and everybody enjoyed her music. She made me get up and dance, and just about everyone else was on the dance floor as well. It was the first time I had listened to her and she made a good impression on me! I liked her remix Noir & Haze “Around” (Solomun Vox Mix). She also refreshed a really old track from the 70’s Chick “I want our love” it was a brilliant performance.

Later on Rodriguez Jr was on deck. He started with the shrill and absolutely amazing vocal by Cari Golden and then a new track, which will be released in September called “Music Don’t Lie”.

Her voice as wonderful with a nice techno house tune, it sent shivers down your spine. Nice electronic sounds were what I needed that evening. Rodriguez Jr. played a Live Act with a great piano tone that was interlaced with house music. A Masterpiece!

People were full of energy and went totally crazy when they heard “Kids of Hula” and “Soledad”. The music was very creative and in my experience very exhilarating. This Man is a Genius!

 The gig belonged to Pan Pot who knocked up the temperature a few more degrees. Before the Thomas joined the duet, Tassilo warmed everyone up with the dOP track “Your Sex”.  When both half’s of Pan Pot united, the party goers went into a frenzy.

The most faithful fan of Mobilee’s Guy almost broke into the DJ’s space. She gave the impression that she was having the best orgasm of her life…. I mean a musical orgasm…. although looking at the handsome Pan Pot’s guys I wouldn’t be astonished if it were otherwise!!!!!!  I’m glad that people older than me also felt the party’s vibes and are aware of electronic music at a really high level, which a lot of young people don’t always feel.

Another absolutely startling sound was the remix of Duft Punk “Rock’n Roll”. One word came to mind: Awesome…no other words needed. What vibes!  nothing could describe the emotion on the dance floor!! Of course I have to mention “Confronted” I think everyone was looking forward to hearing them. They hypnotized and mesmerized with a mixture of hard beats and sounds, they exceeded everyone’s expectations. They were completely in touch with the audience, it was nice watching, as they created a climate of positive vibration. When they stopped playing everyone asked about a last song, nobody wanted them to go. I’m not sure what it is but the only good dubspet music is played by Pan Pot. The last song was Bibio “Lovers Carvingds (Catz N Dogz re edit) you can imagine what happened on the dance foor! WOW.

 At the end of the day everyone were friends Hola, Hi, Hello OK was heard from all sides. No one could remember anyone’s names and of course some had had too much to drink, but it was very nice and friendly.

Second day –Saturday

From the beginning Martin Landsky stood behind the decks, the attendance was far bigger on Friday. Everyone enjoyed the Martin Mix I especially enjoyed my favourite track Sebo K “ Mr Duke”. He gave everyone a big injection of power and house music.

And. ID took over from Martin, his performance was absolutely increasable. The same as Rodriguez Jr ID played live! His trumpet caused Goosebumps down my body. I was spellbound by the track “Isalos” . The crowd was possessed by his music, with “ I will be there” playing in my ears I started my own journey into the electronic world, I love the trumpet! He made a big mess in my head its one of my favourite tracks “Dirty thirty” (original mix). His set was riddle by live instruments it was magnificent! Thanks for Psychedelic Love” (original mix) WOW

As soon as Sebo K appeared the roof top was filling up and there was no space to dance, the only option was in the swimming pool, which some people took advantage of jumping into the water head first or as a bomb. Everybody has 5 minutes of fame and all the brave young men will be on You Tube  haha!

Simultaneously in the swimming pool and on the dance floor it seemed like amazing positive madness. Sebo K completely blew me away with the track Green Velvet “La La Land” which everyone sang along to with energy and power, an extraordinary feeling. I was moved by his music, and I wasn’t the only one. He rocked the crowed with Octave One “Blackwater” he created a sensational atmosphere, hands were raised high up in the air, the audience was extremely impressed. Sebo K presented a very ravishing and lively set, some of his sounds were the classic tunes of house likeTom Trago „Use Me Again„.This track created an atmosphere there were extraordinary vibes! I assume that it was one of the tracks, which everyone associates with Sebo K. What a perfect gig, and again at the end of another classic track “I want Your Love” Sebo K  “Was King of the Day” the only way to sum up his performance.

Night Fever!! The music and the party were over by about 22:00!! 

Summing up, no one was disappointed. It’s a beautiful feeling spending time with your friends and Moblee’s music in the background, this was the best event I have ever been to.

Thanks to everyone who made the party special to me. Thanks to all those lovely people I met on the rooftop…Garcia’s! I hope to see you all next year.