On Friday – 16 of March it was a great opportunity to check out one of the club in Berlin. It was a fantastic chance to speak with the owners and also shoot the area. Read an interesting review from the latest place in one of the awesome cities – Berlin. Find out interesting things about the club. Enjoy….


Prince Charles is a quite new hot spot in Berlin. Who doesn’t know where it is situated, we advice to take a direction to Prinzenstrasse. A nice location, around the industry area make an impression to feel Berlin’s side of underground more. When you get in, you’re convinced that there is nothing common with the commercial things. I asked the owners about the spot because an interesting gossip are spreading about this place? What had been here before the club run off? “The original use of the rooms was the private spa of the piano factory “Bechstein”. It was built in the 1970s and we have kept some of the main elements, like the pool, the tiles on the walls and a great 70s marine themed mosaic.”

In the middle of the club there is a big bar with loads of places to sit around. Next to the bar area there is a plenty room for dancing and a quite big space for Live performances. The darkness interior of the club suits perfect for concerts and showcases. This is the more alternative side of this place. But on the other hand you still feel the Berlin’s electronic music spirit! Big names or sometimes less known but still very talented artists serve the best electronic sounds. Everyone can be gripped there by the music. Moreover Prince Charles is more than the club…this is the place where you can also hear more alternative stuff. I have noticed some noted names and less known artists and also some bands which play their concerts. What is the idea of the club? Promote a new djs or bands? Or something more different? “ We try to keep a balance between up and coming and more established DJs, as well as supporting the local scene. We are not just a playground for new music, our aim is more to keep the quality high, no matter if people are known or not – said one of the owners”

That night in Prince Charles there was the Organic Party. And as I have mentioned above booking is comparing to mini festivals where besides electronic stuff there is a place for instrumental Live. Last time we could admire the music by Andre Lodemann with his great track. Where are you now, Roland Appel and The band. The Prince Charles doesn’t miss a polish accent too. Maybe not everybody knows about it, but last month the polish electronic duo – Viadrina played in Prince Charles. How did it happen that Viadrina had played in the club ? “ We work with many great promoters in the club. One of the introduced Viadrina to us and we really  liked them. We generally think it’s great not just to work with people from western Europe, but also check the scene at our eastern next door neighbours.” I have also checked the Line Up some of the names are less known. What new artists can do to play in Prince Charles? “We are open to everybody. It’s important that people fit to our general programming though. If you think you fit, just write us an e-mail” – said one of the bosses.

What is more the big and a very nice terrace caught my attention. The place is situated outside the club so it’s easy to imagine the awesome party during a warm weather and starry sky listening to electronic sounds. This is exactly what everybody needs for this summer. Open air party indeed! Because of approach rapidly the hottest season of the year I asked the owners if it is any possibility to participate in the party there. “ Yes, We are opening our outside area on May 1st with many different activities like food, music and even games…”

 And another remarkable thing worth attention is the time opening the club. The door opens at 9 p.m. So it’s very early, because everything there is usually opened at midnight. Ok., but it is not everything what the club can extend. Till 11 pm there is a free entrance and welcome free drink. What do you want to do more? Good music, nice location, free entrance and welcome drink…how does it sound…hmmm? For us – perfect! …….Early hours when the club is open, free drinks, free entrance till 11 pm there are a few things which distinctive from the other clubs in Berlin. Is it something more what I missed? “That’s all correct, our concept is to be a bar and a club at the same time, that’s why we open early, so people can start their night with us and then stay for a great night out.”-Princes Charles’s boss.

We have enumerated a few simple reasons why this place should be visited.  How does the owner sum up a new place on the Berlin’s club map. “It’s the nicest ,the  most diverse and the best club in Kreuzberg in Berlin, in Europe, in all the world”

No more words to say…just visit Prince Charles!