Time Warp is definitely the event that manages attract techno tourism. Every year we experience a high standard of music. Time Warp has a long history of electronic music in Germany. It’s may be a surprise to those having there first experience of the festival but not for the faithful who have been coming

to Mannheim for many years, they have always been aware of the power of that incredible music.

The Airport in Frankfurt welcomes us with hot weather. From the airport we went on an exclusive fast train, the journey only took us 30 minutes. The weather was so nice and warm  we decided to make the most of it and sit in the Park and have a drink (ups!). It was good preparation for an exciting night ahead. Time Warp has always been a popular place to meet with your friends you don’t see very often. So we stopped in one of the hotels to propose a toast to Time Warp (more drinks ups!) with the guys. And so we missed a Butch’s gig. What a shame! Finally we reached the Maimarkthalle. At the front of the popular hall in Mannheim, was a big crowed had gathered, very happy and very colorful with fantastic music in the background. What more could we want?

This year I decided to stay in one place, rather then skipping from the one room to another. Stage number 4 seemed a most attractive to me. In most of my reviews I have paid attention mostly to Loco Dice, Sven Vath, Monika Kruse and Ricardo Villalobos. This year I was so impressed with the Line Up that I visited stages where….

Our first destination was Masomenos. And from their gig I started one of the longest party nights I have ever experienced. We bopped a little bit, and listening to those electronic duets. Masomenos played a very old school hit from the 90s – Beats International „Dub Just be good to me”.I suppose that Fatboy Slim would be very proud of it’s refreshment. Oliver Koletzki appeared on stage 4. Lots of nice tracks you could listened to, f.e David August – Hamburg is for Lovers or Andhim- Extragold.

I couldn’t wait to Seth Troxler. What was the vibes during Dj Le Roi – I Get Deep feat Roland Clarkk,…?!  WOW..absolutelly the crowd was possessed by his music, especially when he played WhoMadeWho – Every Minute Alone – what a track! Woooh –  and also brilliant mix of Dinky – Acid my fridge”.

I remind everyone about the Polish guy who gained a lot of respect on the stage of Time Warp. It’s was nice that The East appreciated Jacek Sienkiewicz. And I feel a little embarrassed because I didn’t spend as much time with him during the gig as I should have Jacek…I’m sorry! But he plays specific electronic music that is perfect for sitting in a comfortable armchair and listening to!

I back to the stage 4.Magda was Djing. I need to admit – she surprised everyone! Her style sometimes seemes very boring, maybe monotonously. But During the Time Warp, she played as usual many tracks of Click Box, but they sounded different. Probably because she was under pressure from her predecessors or she observed what happened on the dance floor before, It doesn’t matter what was the reason was she slipped up!. Finally one of my favorites Gaiser was starting his Live Performance. He rocked the crown with his the great tracks. It’s difficult to describe what happened, but sometimes the style of dancing looked more like a rock concert, it was madness! Absolutely truly emotional! It was his best performance for sure. That night Gaiser introduced a really fast tempo every loved it. He created a sensational atmosphere! When he finished I had to sit on the floor and rest my feet. But I didn’t sit on the ground for long because I heard David august – Roco Coco and I was straight back to the dance floor. Mathias Kaden was playing some decent tech house. I was very glad that I could listen for a long time Marco Carola – Bloody Cash.

The next very anticipated live act that night was Henrik Schwarz. He is well known for deep tunes, but this time overstepped the mark with his music. I think it was a bit of tiredness or maybe he had spent too much time lying in the sun. I must say the weather was gorgeous. I promised myself that I would stay out on his gig the next time. At the end when it was nearly 9.00a.m I set off to the stage 5 when Laurent Garnier was playing. The atmosphere was exactly the same as last year. Fabulous! At the end he played a few tracks of drum and base music, the audience was jumping.

To sum upIn short and to the point: I will see you next year!

Rushed over.