From the last event I have remembered Switzerland as a country with the best electronic music connecting with beautiful scenery of the Alps and the best techno trip I have ever been to. Thanks to the agency Decadence co-orporating with the Cosmopop for creating something innovative, something

new which anybody of us can experience. Vision has its own history and has started many years ago!

The festival was taken place in Sirgiswil in Switzerland. At the festival area there was one  main stage, two tents, gastro area and some places for pitching a tent.

This techno trip was definitely different from the others. “No sexy clothes” like one of my friends warned me before the events ( best regardsJ to him, thanks for a good adviceJ). So I took with me the wellingtons, a raincoat, a warm pullover and a scarf and decided to climbsome meters under the see ( don’t remember how many it was). The place of the festival was gorgeous, but I saw how beautiful it was the next day in the morning. Unfortunately clouds were covering  all tops of the Alps all Saturday afternoon.

The First three hours of the event I was spending talking with all friendly and happy people. The best things all electronic festival like Vision is that – the age is unimportant. Only what everyone expects from the events is music and great atmosphere. But you’ll never foresee the weather in the mountains. There was lots of rain, lots of mud, wind and frozen air during the night, but all magic impression was all the time the same. Good music and magnificent view of the Alps influenced on a good mood to all techno tourism.

First set I heard, was playing by P.Bell. A good tech house music and some dancing on the wet dance floor in front of the stage was a good beginning to start the techno party.  If I go back in once memory, it was the last set during the rain. So, it wasn’t so bad with the weather. After him I was impressed by listening and admiring the next artist – The Orb. They mixed some kind of music up, e.g dubstep and house but everything was inspired by ambient. None of them album doesn’t  stir emotion up at me as them Live Act on the Vision. Amazing connection style of music and good visual settings made for all a huge impression.

About 10.00  p.m Manon (Switzerlan’s Dj and producers) was DJ’ing a great and full of energy set. I wasn’t care about the coming chillness, because she delivered me positive vibrations. All the audience welcomed her with the huge enthusiasm. I had a great fun during her gig. Next to her the next dj’s were  preparing themselves before their show. They were fine but I felt first sign of tiredness. So maybe I was a bit bored nearly at the end of the performance, to be honest. It was the right time to visit the rest places of the venue. In the tents which were bursting at the seams, played Kalebrese, Jagged, Gene de Lose, Ezikiel.

 I also spent some time in a “chai tent” drinking a cup of tea. It was as a good idea to serve some hot drinks when it was so cold outside. Some people took the opportunity and in a warm room, were sitting on the ground and having some rest. I need to admit something… I slept there for an hour. But I wasn’t the one!  I was exhausted because of my all journey to Switzarland took me 12 hours. So that should they forgave me. Anyway, it had to be a survival – so it wasJ. About 2.00  a.m, extremely phenomenal Sven Väth appeared on the main stage. Lots of his fun’s was gathering in front of the stage for his big gig. I admire him, he always plays the longest set on all festivals than the other dj’s. I love papa Sven ( hope he doesn’t be offended at me for that) at clossing set the most. So at this time I decided to go for Ricardo Villalobos. It was warm there, good atmosphere and of course, lots of dancing.  Ricardo is always smiling and chilling out during his DJ’ing. He seems really friendly to people and for the next time I heard a remix Butch – No worries. Happy track! He could take the breath away! It was nearly 14 hours of all festival and I didn’t feel my foot. The bonfire was a good option on the freezing air. It was quite warm, I was listening to the Sven Väth’s music and sitting on the slice of the wood in the mud. Sounds adventurous?!

I have never forgotten the first rays of the Sun in the Alps! It’s difficult to describe this, but it was something incredible. Closing set of the boss of the Cocoon approaching, the Sun woke up, a new day, the next day of event has been started. I’m sure that the Sun appeared because of the music of Sven! He was totally fantastic. He felt me a power up for the next 8 hours on the event. The crowd was completely enthusiastic. I think he has the best contact with the audience. Väth was spontaneousand curly the atmosphere up. Genius! The vibe was wonderful.  I liked the Styro 2000 who played after Sven, but I couldn’t wait to Pantha du Prince performer. When I heard “Lay In a Shimmer” and “The Splendour” I felt like an Alice in the Wonderland. Pantha was magic! I also can say he’s a real masterpiece! He and his electronic music perfect suit to the marvelous scenery.

On the end my favorite Richie Hawtin. played The surprised of everyone was that Magda played Back2Back with Hawtin. It was fantastic! They played some unbelievable” tech house” stuff. 

Nobody didn’t care that sticky to the groundsJ I’m wondering how many pair of shoes the organizers found in the mud…


That was the most fabulous 24hours I have ever spent on the all festivals. Can you imagine.. you on the top of the hill with the panorama of the Alps and electronic music in the backgrounds… what would you like more…Vision is the next techno stop for me the next year.