Berlin is famous for the best clubs with the best booking in Europe, but it’s the one.. the special one, there is a place where you mustn’t overlook. This place is called Watergate! The best pioneer of the electronic music, unearthly atmosphere and the gorgeous view of the river Spree

and on the bridge make an impression that you want to be there and stay to the latest hour in the afternoon.

It’s no more beautiful feeling when you’re listening to the music and watching like Berlin wakes up to the life. This club is open nearly round the clock and whatever you come in, is full of people. Believe me or not, but you can spend there the best and the longest after party which you have ever had. The atmosphere in this club is such positive that it’s difficult to describe. After gigs, artists join to the audience so it’s easy to talk with them. That thing is exactly which is distinguish of the other clubs. Whenever you are in Berlin but always meet with everybody in Watergate! I can say all roads lead to Watergate! On Friday, 05th of November in this amazing club bPitch Control meets Kompakt &Sound Of Colognes. What did it mean?? That representative of Kompakt like Superpitcher, Coma and Jo Saurbier played on one floor. For the sound from Cologne responsible were Trio, Brandt Brauer Frick LIVE [Tartelet Records, The Gym]. On the downstairs called waterfloor the best music served BPitch Control, so Ellen Allien, Aerea Negrot LIVE, Sascha Funke, Thomas Muller LIVE.

We have just arrived on ending ravishing set Jo Saurbier. Jo got a good in touch with the audience, it caused that it was nice to watching how he created a climate of positive vibration. Next to him their equipment was preparing Brandt Brauer Trick. This is my music discovery this year and I’m sure I’ll be reaching for them production more often. This project consists of the three man who played flawlessly them live act. They don’t play from the vinyl’s but simply with the help of the variety of instruments create the bass line and tune of minimal tech house music. Mastership!

Downstairs dominated total euphoria. It was so crowdy that I couldn’t see who was playing. I can suppose that it was Thomas Muller. He invigorated all for the rest of the parties.

Big respect for Ellen Allien who utterly supersized me and what is more not only myself.

I didn’t expect so good gig. In my opinion she is definitely better on the smaller event than big music enterprise. She presented a cross section of music and everyone could find something for himself. What can I say about Sascha Funke…it missed the rise of the sun and summer weather to dip on the terrace in his awesome tracks. Poetry set to music with current river.

The Super pitcher was the last of the artist that evening on the Kompakt floor! I was a bit of tiredness so I needed a rest for a while. But the rest of the edition stuff were still dancing on the dance floor.

Summarizing it was a stunning time in the Watergate. The best before for the FlyBerMuDa and after… of course at Watergate too. It was 7.00 and the club was still full. Definitely it is the hottest place in Berlin!


Ps. I hope I won’t be wrong but I’m still think where I was hearing the remix of Penny & Muder “Let the music play”. Something tells me that it was in the Watergate!