Everybody have heard that Berlin never sleeps! Is it truth or not? We convinced last weekend. So we’re absolutely sure that it is a city which never goes to sleep. The night life in the capital of electronic music starts at midnight and lasts to the latest hours in the morning or even to the afternoon. Have time for a sleep?

No, but anyway  it’s the waste the time, especially during the Berlin Music Days.

The first destination in our techno trip was the Weekend Club, which is situated on the 12th floor of the skyscraper on the famous Alexanderplatz. On Thursday  Minus Showcase was taken place, behind the consol performed Ambivalent, Gaiser – Live and Troy Pierce. Reaching to the club wasn’t so easy as it should be, among high buildings we’re turning round ourselves axis ( we didn’t realize that we stood in the front of the club). A little thrill of emotion and increasing doubts appears in front of the entrance to the club: would we be the lucky chap and we go into the club or stay outside..? some people don’t have a lucky day and they had to leave.  When we stood before the selector I got the best smile I could have had after 10hours travelling to Berlin! And it worked!!  well done! but the less man in a group of people the better for you….sorry Man!! I need to admit – we had a big fluke! Club’s Staff opened the lift doors and rides us with the elevator on the XII floor. Does it seem luxury? Inside it was very dark, no lights, but it was a friendly atmosphere and it was something which was absolutely fantastic!!! The view on the panorama of Berlin. Can you imagine??!! The dusky décor perfectlysuits to the gloomy minimal music served by artists of the Minus Records. From the midnight first gig belonged to the Ambivalent. Personally I expected more “minus “ minimal beats, so he surprised me. He welcomes every people who come into the club with house and tech house music. Ambivalent very likable introduced everybody to the party mood and intensified more and more appetite for “minus” night. However it was a Minus Showcase event so I was demanding minimal tone.

Finally as a fanatic fun of the label of Richie Hawtin, I was looking forward to my one of the favourite artist –  Gaiser, who was playing his LIVE this evening. None piece wasn’t unknown, so what is more it is high temperature on the floor. I was concentrating on his music and I completely lost it myself. But it was a very positive feeling, I was spellbound. His performance was absolutely incredible. John didn’t let the audience to relax . He played the best minimal track, and his music moved me. Frenzy set in on the kult songs, like  :  Flashed, Oolooloo,  Ciliate with, Green Steam,New Dust, or also Pullpush. He was for me a genius of the Thursday night, who created a real ecstasy on the dance floor. Pretty big applause rising during tracks: Seepage , Am I,Zebra Talk, or remix Dubfire&Oliver Huntemann – Dios or Hearthrobe – Nusty Girl.

Troy Pierce was ending the Minus night and he paced a bit slower and taking audience in the tech house world after hard Gaiser’s beats.

Very good time at the Weekend Club. I’m looking forward to the summer. The weekend club offers you the best party with the famous electronic artists who are playing on the roof on this high building. So, definitely see you in the summer time or when the Sun lets you put the light clothes on!

P.s. Thanks the selector guys who let us in to the club. Lots of greetings!!