This album has been anticipated for a long time. Here we have the first massive album, the debut album released on Items&Things label.  The project of Magda, Troy Pierce and Marc Houle after good opinions of their last mini albums has presented the next upcoming stuff which is called “Undercover”.

For that masterpiece is responsible Marc Houle who served 8 spanking tracks. Otherwise we have to wait till 24th of this month to see the light of day.

Marc Houle is still the master of his style which is undoubtedly indisputable. So we can convince one more time listening to his new album. As the title  “Undercover” suggests there are some coverts history in his music. What I like best is creepy vocals and spooky beats inside Marc Houle’s tracks which are abiding for his style but there are loads of new experiments with the sounds. Which all make up a juicy tune. The opening track “Hearing” is with gradually intensify the bass line, soft melody and the synths and with metallic spoken vocal. That Marc Houle I have worshiped since many years!

 Airy synths is ubiquitous in almost entire album. The eponymous track is gloomy and with the vocal remains horror films. Epic piece of last single of Marc Houle appeared in his new album. There is an additive of cracking pace, quickening synth and significant beats mixing in a one track. A quick recipe for a massive track! We can catch our breath immersing in “Juno” but incompletely. The track is based on synths and darkly bassline. Moderately gentle intro of the track gradually descend to recondite dance sounds. You can whole convey it with closed eyes.

 “Very Bad” recalled me the old tracks of Marc and I discovered some Magda’s style there. That’s a gorgeous track! From 2.40 minutes is volcano of energy music. In my opinion very bad means very good! In “Bink” you can hear the melody from old music box. And in the background the acid house claps is interlace with bouncy bass. That’s noteworthy combination. The next tremendous track is “Am Am Am” which some parts remind thumps of hummer to sheet metal. The idiosyncratic ping and echo make an impression on performance in a industrial space. Drilling beats hypnotize the listeners and it’s very easy to be in ecstatic.

 And the last one “Under The Neath” which absolutely evokes to old tracks of Marc Houle. A huge depth of sounds, spooky vibes, rolling bassline and scary voice creates an awesome tune. That is the Detroit Techno sounds.

 That album is absolutely crackin’. From beginning to the end album gives the positive energy, a huge dose of Marc Houle’s sounds. I am really looking forward to the next albums released by Items&Things.