The name of the fabulous Nina Kraviz has appeared frequently on compilations of many labels. The reason that her music remains in our hearts and minds for so long, is because her glorious voice oozes charm. Her voice has a profound effect on both male and female listeners.

 Nina, who is a Russian artist, will be releasing her debut album on the 27th of February. on her the eagerly awaited album we will find …14 tracks. The album entitled just Nina Kraviz will send shivers down your spine. It leaves a different impression on you each time you listen to it. I can say it isn’t an album which you will want to lock in a drawer. Every track is a mixture of different styles. All connoisseurs of deep electronic sounds will find this a ‘must have’ album, it’s full of passion, and you will find yourself pressing the replay button over and over.

From the very first track, the voice of this charming artist took me on a sentimental journey. The title of the intro ”Walking In The Air” conveys Nina’s emotions. The opening track is based on a simply loop but it provides a very gentle background bur her voice…. works wonders!

The “Aus” featuring King Aus… here is the interesting fusion of genres as slo-mo jams in a deep vein. Sometimes it gives the impression you are listening to the very old track.

In the noted track “Getto Kraviz” from the November’s EP we can find a gamut of r’n’b, soul and of course lot of deep notes.

There are loads of experiments with Kraviz’s voice in the notable track “Taxi Talk”. That is an another subtle track which stayed in my memory for a long time. There are very distinctive sounds of reproducing a vinyl. On the track “Fals Attraction” Nina’s alluring voice is so deep and sexy it engulfs you with its lazy beat.

“Love or Go” is full of energy and pumping beats. Gearing up with dancefloor-ready bass bombs, sometimes nostalgic, journey through classy deep house and other shape shifting forms of electronic. The next one “Petr” is also a great  dancing track  is “Petr”. Both tracks make you won’t to get up and dance.

With a tracks like “Turn on the Radio” you can while away the morning. The genres like soul and slo-mo jams Nina’s uncanny voice is become sublime. This would be  a good start for any day.

The next one „Best Friends” seems to be shrouded in mystery. The track uses sound very sparingly so it makes this pieces feel more creepy and dark. The whispers also create the air of mystery. The pure electronic music makes you feel relaxed while listening. In “Ben” you can just close your eye and drift with the sounds. The next emotive track is the “Fire” which closes the debut album of Nina Kraviz, this piece is full of huge emotions, her stunning voice has thrilling everybody. The vocal and gentle background can create a real feeling of fire.

She is a woman who’s voice envelopes the listeners she is  one of the those artists who mesmerizes with her vocal. In my opinion the album is a true confession of personal feeling. It is a masterpiece of emotion, which Nina has expressed on every track on the album. A hugely impressive album I would recommend to all connoisseurs.