“Music don’t lie” …that’s definitely true.  When I heard some sounds of a new stuff of Rodriguez Jr I during  the Mobilee party at the Diagonal Hotel in Barcelona one thing came into my mind: That will be a huge music event. Finally I had immersed  in his tunes and I didn’t want to push on ‘stop’ button on my CD player.

 “Bittersweet” that’s the name of the album consists of eleven excellent tracks. The debut album is released of the hometown label  – Mobilee who took part in the party with Rodriguez Jr even once, he had known that he was a great producer and gorgeous live performance . So it’s no wonder that it was the anticipation of his new album. Music by Rodriguez Jr tempts a diverse of ravishing sounds. All tracks are a varied collection of tunes but they compose in a coherent whole. This album make you feel summer spirit, gives you energy and  definitely it moves you to another reality.

Why the ‘Bittersweet’ is worth paying attention? It is the easiest way to say –  lots of tracks which stir your emotion up. The work opening the album – Niagadina is full of rousing beats which definitely encourage you to dance. Title piece – Bittersweet is the best known soundtrack of Mobilee’s rooftop party’s video and for those who were there this number is probably associated with that amazing party. And for the rest it is a big dose of positive vibes with piano in a background. WOW!

“Kerazouek Amn” is the another stunning work of the new album of Rodriguez Jr “Bittersweet”.  It seems to be a bit mysterious, much it’s  different to the others , a bit of darkness side of the whole album which I really love to. The piece is compelling from the beginning to the end, only what you need is to  close your eyes and you’ll be mesmerized. “Bagpipe Woman”  with lots of smashing piano sounds.

Los matadores  track with And Id who is playing on the trumpet completely brought me to my knees. Rapturous combination Rodriguez Jr’s music with the trumpet’s And.Id.  Appropriately the name of the track reflects exactly in what you find in it. It’s like two matadores – big names in one marvelous track, whose aim is to play together and to be a success. And certainly everything went well!

Rodriguez Jr proved that he is not only the genius in one genre of music. “The dr Pork” and “Bare” are two dub tracks. Yes, indeed, both of them are extraordinary.  Listening to “Bare” slightly reminds  artistic work comparing to Burial. Both of them express lots of emotion. A very catchy track “Shapes I see” with a brilliant vocal of Rodriguez Jr. Likewise With every keystroke , every beat and bass part the summer breeze is coming to you.

Do you want something uplifting? “Lofi Pelikan” with funky beat…it’s great to start a party. The shrill and extremely miraculous vocal by Cari Golden sent shivers down your spine. Unquestionable most of you convinced that” Music don’t lie” and this track is the right sample

At the penultimate –Masilla which have such a phenomenal bass line, that I can listen to endless.  Obviously it’s still a light great number which you can forget. It completely spot-on in my taste of music.

I am convinced that Rodriguez Jr “Bittersweet”’s album came up to everyone’s expectations. In full consciousness I recommend that each of you will experience something special listening to new stuff of Rodriguez Jr.